The main objective of the INTUX-project is to educate university students studying UX design and related programmes on how to increase accessibility of the end result, by conducting user testing with people with disabilities.

The project will also educate university teaching and training staff on how to teach accessible user testing by providing a more inclusive teaching environment. In addition, people with disabilities will learn more about their rights in user testing and how they can take a more active role.

To ensure a good balance in these perspectives, the INTUX consortium consists of disabled persons organisations, universities and accessibility experts from across the EU.

Building inclusive higher education systems

People with disabilities will be a central focus of the project. Students with disabilities will directly benefit from more inclusive learning environments through the trainer handbook. By introducing courses specifically teaching students to work with persons with disabilities in the field of UX, the project also contributes to increasing the capacity of the higher education system to contribute to better inclusion of persons with disabilities in society at large.

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